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"I lost 50 lbs. It's a big shift that started on the inside with listening to one little CD called Atta Girl." -Carol, SC

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We Are The Vital Mind-Set Piece To Your Weight Loss Success

What will happen in your weight loss journey when you get out of your own way? 

All the know-how is at your fingertips and perhaps much of the knowledge you need to lose the weight is already in your headYou can google and Youtube until your hearts desire, every meal plan, app, cleanse, shake, bar and workout video you need. It's great content and quite helpful, but it's not all the pieces of the puzzle for your long term sustainability in successfully managing your weight and fitness. The most powerful component to your 'Greater Vision' is the one that most people avoid, and that is actually working on yourself. Yup- the Inside! That's where the Mind Body Fit Club thrives!

We have created specific coaching methodologies and mental support products that guide you to developing new habits, behaviors and beliefs about food and your interaction with it, and your body and the way you live in it and view it. We help you align your mind with a new set of standards, values and beliefs based on a healthy self esteem, self value and empowered self worth. 

The result is weight loss that stays lost and the ability to live smarter, fitter and happier in a body you love!

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